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Jin Madson - REALTOR®


I am originally from Seoul, Korea. After moving 14 times, having lived in Utah, Kansas, California, Texas, and Korea, I consider San Antonio my second home! I found my dream house here and finally settled down. 
We've purchased and sold several houses along the way and I loved every step of the journey. I realized I loved looking at homes and the real estate process, so I decided to go into real estate and help others to find their dream homes as well. 

I have a husband, 3 teenagers, and a kitty. I volunteer at my children's schools and at a local church. I love music- playing the piano and singing. I play golf, tennis, ping pong, and various board games with family and friends. 

Every time we moved, I researched multiple areas taking into consideration numerous conditions and factors. Providing a safe and good home for our children to grow and make memories was our foremost priority.

Are you moving? buying or/and selling a house? thinking of leasing? Finding a safe haven for your family? Please let me help you ease the process and achieve your goal faster and easier. I have my experience, knowledge, respect, and honesty at your service. Also as a military spouse, I do understand the stress when you get your orders to relocate. Contact me and we will make your move as smooth as possible. 

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